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Below is a list of scientific PhD Thesis, Master Thesis and Repports dealing with solar updraft chimneys

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Scientific THESIS
Year__Author : _____Title

2000 Richard Anthony HEDDERWICK
Performance Evaluation of a Solar Chimney Power Plant

PDF 2.7 Mo, 128p

Energia Eolica

PDF 4.3 Mo, 135p

2002 Anthony John GANNON
Solar chimney turbine performance

PDF 3.5, Mo 243p

Solar thermal power technologies

PDF 0.6 Mo, 50p

Randibo, un projet Margotweb

2004 Marco Aurélio dos SANTOS BERNARDES
Technische okonomische und okologische Analyse von Aufwindkraftwerken

PDF 5.5 Mo, in German, 230p

2004 Denis BONNELLE
Solar chimney, water spraying Energy tower, and linked renewable energy conversion devices: presentation, criticism and proposals.

PDF 1.4 Mo 182p

document version in word DOC 7.1 Mo, 182p

2004 Denis BONNELLE
Tour solaire, tour à vaporisation d’eau, et modes de conversion d’énergie renouvelable apparentés : présentation, critiques et suggestions

PDF 1.4 Mo 178p, in French

document version in word DOC 6.8 Mo, 178p

2005 Jean-Pierre ROUSSEAU
Dynamic evaluation of the solar chimney

PDF 2.1 Mo, 102p

2005 Ludiekueno dos SANTOS NEVES
Chamine Solar : uma Alternativa para Angola (solar chimney: an alternative for Angola)

PDF 5.6 Mo, in Porthogese, 253p

Flow around cylindrical towers: the stabilising role of vertical ribs

PDF 9.5 Mo, 144p

2006 Nicolette Arnalda CENCELLI
Aerodynamic optimisation of a small scale wind turbine blade for low wind speed conditions

PDF 2.1 Mo, 121p

2006 Nathan HURST and Lynne SHANDLEY
Possible uses of Merredin’s salty groundwater

PDF 0.4 Mo, 41p

2007 Gamal ELASKET
Simulating the integrated solar combined cycle for power plants application in LIBYA

PDF 3.0 Mo, 116p

2007 Johannes Petrus PRETORIUS
Optimization and control of a large scale solar chimney power plant

PDF 5.0 Mo, 221p

2007 TingZhen MING
Research on thermo-kinetic problems of the solar chimney power plant systems

PDF 6.5 Mo, in Chinese, 164p

2008 ??? unknown author: found in (
Construcción de Chimenea solar de 200 MW

PDF 7.0 Mo, 178p

2008 Thomas Peter FLURI
Turbine Layout for and Optimization of Solar Chimney Power Conversion Units

PDF 2.7 Mo, 139p

2008 Javier MUNOZ ANTON
Sistemas de generacion eléctrica mediante calderas de vapor energizadas por radiación solar concentrada

PDF 6.8 Mo, in Spanish, 339p

2008 Royaume BELLOU

DOC 2.9 Mo, in Greek, 74p

2008 Cobus Van-DYK
A Methodology for Radical Innovation

PDF 4.0 Mo, 302p

2008 Xinping ZHOU
(only first 100 pages, incomplete) Study on solar chimney thermal power technology and its application in western China

PDF 17.4 Mo, first 100 pages/201 (incomplete)

2008 Xinping ZHOU
(only last 101 pages, incomplete) Study on solar chimney thermal power technology and its application in western China

PDF 18.3 Mo, last 101 pages/201 (incomplete)

2008 Xinping ZHOU
基于西部太阳能烟囱热气流发电及应用研究 (Study on Solar Chimney Thermal Power Technology and Its Application in Western China)

compressed RAR file 17.8 Mo (Xinping-Zhou_Diss.nh inside document of 26.7 Mo), in Chinese, 201p complete
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2009 Ziya Ramazan YABUZ
GÜNEŞ BACASINDA KONSTRÜKTİF İYİLEŞTİRME ÇALIŞMALARI VE PERFORMANS ARTIRICI YÖNTEMLERİN ARAŞTIRILMASI (Constructive improvement studies and investigation of methods to increase solar chimney performance)

PDF 15.4 Mo, in Turkish, 132p

2010 Heinrich Claude STÖRM
CFD investigation of flow in and around a natural draft cooling tower

PDF 3.2 Mo

Meteorological Reactors