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Scientific Publications Year 2005 for Solar Updraft Chimneys

Scientific publications of year 2005 dealing with solar chimneys Year 2005

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Scientific Publications in English
Title - Author – Reference - Abstract

2005 Herman Coetzee: Solar chimney exit loss control by use of a diffuser

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2005 Hussain Alrobaei: Hybrid Geothermal/Solar Energy Technology For Power Generation

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2005 E. Bilgen, J. Rheault
Solar chimney power plants for high latitudes

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Solar Energy, Volume 79, Issue 5, November 2005, Pages 449-458
A solar chimney system for power production at high latitudes has been designed and its performance has been evaluated. A mathematical model and a code on MATLAB platform have been developed based on monthly average meteorological data and thermodynamic cycle. The thermal performance of a 5 MW nominal power production plant at three locations in Canada, namely Ottawa, Winnipeg and Edmonton, is studied. The sloped collector field is built at suitable mountain hills, which also functions as a chimney. Then a short vertical chimney is added to install the vertical axis air turbine. The results showed that solar chimney power plants at high latitudes may have satisfactory thermal performance and produce as much as 85% of the same plants in southern locations with horizontal collector field. The overall thermal performance of these plants is a little less than 0.5%.
Article Outline
1. Introduction
2. System description
3. Mathematical model and code
3.1. Solar radiation model
3.2. Transmission through the collector
3.3. Chimney
3.4. Power and overall thermal efficiency
3.5. Algorithm
3.6. Code and validation
4. Results and discussion
5. Conclusions

2005 Bella
Thermal air power tube with solar energy

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2005 Ming T.
Thermodynamic analysis of solar chimney power plant system

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2005 Niemann
Wind Loading for the Design of the Solar Tower

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2005 Sagredo Sprakker
Micro Solar Chimney using concentric vacuum tubes

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2005 Schlaich
Design of Commercial Solar Updraft Tower Systems - Utilization of Solar Induced Convective Flows for Power Generation

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2005 Von Backstrom, Kirstein and Pillay
The Influence of Some Secondary Effects on Solar Chimney

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Scientific Publications in Chinese.
A numerical study on solar chimney power generating equipment with CFD technique
【作者】 周新平; 杨家宽; 肖波; 张杜杜; 马承荣;
【Author】 ZHOU Xin-ping, YANG Jia-kuan, XIAO Bo, ZHANG Du-du, MA Cheng-rong
(Institute of Environmental Science and Engineering, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Wuhan 430074, China)
【机构】 华中科技大学环境科学与工程学院; 华中科技大学环境科学与工程学院 湖北武汉430074; 湖北武汉430074;
【摘要】 用Fluent软件对太阳能烟囱发电装置内的气流进行了数值模拟,获得了太阳能烟囱发电装置内气流流速、温度等分布,并将温度场模拟计算值和试验检测值进行了比较。结果表明:气流在集热棚中从四周向中部汇流是一个加速的过程;从地面到烟囱,随着高度的增加温度呈递减分布。温度分布模拟与试验检测结果的规律基本相似。但由于进行了稳态假设,也存在一定差别。数值模拟结果以集热棚中心呈对称分布。然而,由于集热棚南部接收的太阳辐射大于北部,在试验检测中南边的温度明显高于北边的温度,温度的峰值向南边偏移,呈不对称分布。 更多还原
【Abstract】 A numerical study with CFD has been carried out as to the air performance in the solar chimney equipment. The fluidity field and temperature field in the solar chimney were obtained, and the simulated temperatures were compared with measured temperatures. The results show that the flow rate of heated air increases from surrounding inlet radially to the center of the heat collector, and the temperatures decrease with the increasing of height from ground to chimney. To some extent, the simulated temperatures are in agreement with measured ones. However, the difference exists because some assumptions were applied in the numerical study. The simulated temperatures were symmetrical with the center of the geometry of collector due to steady assumption. But, with regard to the measured temperatures, the ones in the southern collector is higher than the ones in the northern collector, and the temperature peak moves to the south, not at the center of the collector, since the intensity of solar radiation is stronger on the southern collector than on the northern collector.
【关键词】 太阳能烟囱; 集热棚; 流场; 温度场; CFD;
【Key words】 solar chimney; collector; fluidity field; temperature field; CFD;
【基金】 武汉市青年科技晨光计划项目(20015005063); 2005年湖北省自然科学基金项目(2005ABA047)
【文献出处】 可再生能源, Renewable Energy, 编辑部邮箱 , 2005年04期

Progress in performance study of solar chimney power plants
【作者】 毛宏举; 李戬洪;
【Author】 MAO Hong-ju~(1,2), LI Jian-hong~1
(1. Guangzhou Institute of Energy Conversion, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Guangzhou 510640, China;
2. Graduate School of the Chinese Academy of Science, Beijing 100039, China)
【机构】 中国科学院广州能源研究所; 中国科学院广州能源研究所 广东广州510640中国科学院研究生院北京100038; 广东广州510640;
【摘要】 太阳能烟囱发电技术逐渐引起国内专家学者的注意。对其各部分及总体性能的模拟和计算将成为下一步研究的重点。简要概括了国内外的研究现状,总结了太阳能烟囱发电性能研究的历程和国内外学者主要研究方法及成果,为下一步研究工作提出思考和建议。 更多还原
【Abstract】 More experts pay attention to the technology of solar chimney power generation (SCPG). Stimulation and calculation for overall and part of SCPG system’s performance will be the next important research field. The paper sums up research status all over the world briefly, introduces the study history of SCPG system’s performance and generalizes the main methods and important harvest on it particularly. Consideration and suggestions of developing the technology are put forward.
【关键词】 太阳能烟囱; 性能; 模型; 计算方法;
【Key words】 solar chimney; performance; model; numeration method;
【文献出处】 能源工程, Energy Engineering, 编辑部邮箱 , 2005年01期

MW 级太阳能热气流电站传热和流动特性研究
刘 伟1  明廷臻1  杨 昆1  潘 垣2
(1 华中科技大学能源与动力工程学院, 湖北武汉430074 ;
2 华中科技大学电气与电子工程学院, 湖北武汉430074)
摘要: 基于Schlaich 提出的太阳能热气流电站的概念以及集热棚的温室效应、烟囱抽力机制和蓄热层的蓄热 原理,研究MW级太阳能热气流电站的性能特点. 对集热棚、烟囱内空气的传热和流动过程进行理论分析和 数值模拟,并分析了烟囱的抽力和系统做功能力. 通过求取热气流的温度场、流场和压力场,分析了涡轮机负 荷对烟囱抽力以及系统的做功能力的影响,最后,根据中国太阳能分布特点,分析了太阳能热气流电站发电技 术在中国西北地区实施的前景,为太阳能热气流电站的设计和应用提供了理论依据.

关 键 词: 太阳能; 电站; 烟囱; 集热棚; 抽力
中图分类号: TK515 文献标识码: A 文章编号: 1671 4512 (2005) 08 0005 03

Simulation of characteristic of heat transfer and flowfor MW graded solar chimney power plant
Liu Wei, Ming Tingzhen, Yang Kun, Pan Yuan

The concept of solar chimney power plant presented by Schlaich, the greenhouse effect of the collector, the principle of draft formed by the chimney and the principle of energy storage were considered to evaluate the characteristic of MW graded solar chimney power plant. The process of heat t ransfer and flow in the collector and the chimney were studied by using numerical method. The draft caused by the temperature difference between the bottom of the chimney and the ambient and the power output of the system were discussed. Based on the numerical simulation for the dist ribution temperature, velocity and pressure in the solar chimney power plant, the influences of pressure drop across the turbine on the draft and the power output of the system were analyzed. The feasibility of building such a solar chimney power plant in the west of China was discussed, presenting a guidance to design a large scale solar chimney power plant.

Key words: solar energy; power plant; chimney; collector; draft

Liu Wei Prof. ; College of Energy & Power Eng. , Huazhong Univ. of Sci. & Tech. , Wuhan 430074 , China.


2005 Wei Liu, Tingzhen Ming, Kun Yang.
Simulation of characteristics of heat transfer and flow for MW grade SCPP

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ISEC conference 2005 august Orlando Florida

Thermodynamic analysis of solar chimney power plant system
【作者】 明廷臻; 刘伟; 许国良; 杨昆;
【Author】 Ming Tingzhen, Liu WeiXu, GuoliangYang Kun
Ming Tingzhen: Doctoral Candidate; College of Energy & Power Eng., Huazhong Univ. of Sci. Tech., Wuhan 430074, China.
【机构】 华中科技大学 能源与动力工程学院; 华中科技大学 能源与动力工程学院 湖北武汉430074;
【摘要】 对太阳能热气流电站系统进行了热力学理论分析,将整个系统分成集热棚,风力透平和烟囱三个子区域,分析每个子区域内工质热力学过程,研究各参数变化影响因素,并对系统压力场进行分析.首次提出了能量利用度的概念,并对不同尺寸的太阳能热气流电站的性能进行了分析计算.结果表明:太阳辐射能和涡轮机负荷对系统能量利用度有显著影响,而且系统能量利用度随着太阳能热气流电站的规模增大而增大.该计算结果将为建设不同规模的太阳能热气流电站提供理论依据. 更多还原
【Abstract】 Thermo-dynamics analysis has been made on the solan chimney power plant system(SCPPS) in this paper. The whole system has been divided into three sub-regions: the collector, the turbine and the chimney. Both the thermodynamic process and pressure profile of the air in each sub-region were studied to find the relationship among the parameters. After the concept of energy utilization degree of SCPPS was given, the performance of SCPPS with different sizes was analyzed. The results show that solar radiation and turbine load on the system energy utilization have significant impact, and energy of the system with the utilization of the scale solar chimney power plant increases. The results will build different scale solar chimney power plant to provide a theoretical basis.

【关键词】 太阳能热气流电站系统; 烟囱; 集热棚; 功率; 能量利用度;
SCPPS; chimney; collector; power; energy utilization degree;
【基金】 国家重点基础研究发展计划资助项目(G2000026303)

【文献出处】 华中科技大学学报(自然科学版), Journal of Huazhong University of Science and Technology, 编辑部邮箱 , 2005年08期

Ming Tingzhen Doctoral Candidate; College of Energy & Power Eng., Huazhong Univ. of Sci.& Tech., Wuhan 430074, China.

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