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The Solar Pond Tower for 0.05€/kWh

A Solar Pond Tower is a combination of a Solar Tower, a Solar Pond and a
Hurricane Tower, taking the advantages of all of them. The largest advantage comes from the application of the cheap heat generating Solar Pond, which is far cheaper than the large solar heat collecting green house of the Solar Tower. It is estimated that the Solar Pond Tower can produce power at a cost of 3-5 €ct/kWh.

by F. HAGG
* figure 3 twist => width="500" height="500" * figure 4 twist => width="400" height="300" * figure 6 twist => width="272" height="150"

Figure 2: Cross section of tower top with 2 of the 4 axial air turbines, cold air inlet and demister for catching of fresh water, the generators are in the internal bodies of the turbines

Figure 3: Heat exchanger tube web actuater with inlet/floater of water from the pond top layer (picture in quick motion)

After the heat is transferred to the inlet air by the heat wheels the water is pumped back to the surface of the lake from where it will flow back to the edge, which closes the cycle.

Figure 4: Cross section of tower bottom with fresh water turbine and details of hot water pump and heat wheels

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