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Polar Chimney invented by Denis Bonnelle

Polar Chimney working with latent heat of solidification

Please read first the page dealing with the “Tropical Chimneys – invented by Denis Bonnelle”, before this one “Polar Chimneys also invented by Denis Bonnelle”.

Arctic and Antarctic meteorological reactors = Polar updraft chimneys
Polar oceans meteorological reactors

An important part of the total costs of the solar chimneys (40 to 60%) comes from the greenhouse collector (7km in diameter, i.e. area of 38km2 for the Australian project in Mildura). Finding a solution to get read of the collector will increase the chances of success that one day a solar chimney will be built. Using freezing latent heat of can be one of the solutions.

At high latitudes, Denis Bonnelle invention consists to turn negative air temperatures into quite positive ones by removing the latent heat of polar sea water using a similar water solidification process that the one used in ski facilities to produce artificial snow with snow-making guns or cannons.

The principle of operation is as follows: sea water is spayed into a very cold air, the water icing warms up the surrounding air which becomes buoyant and this warm and buoyant air is introduced at the bottom of the chimney where electricity can be produced by turbines.
During the whole process no giant collector is used, only a chimney is needed.
As energy is removed from water, it is transformed into ice, which as to be eliminated some way by a technical solution.

The produced ice reinforce the ice sheet, thus this polar chimney can help the ice sheet to resist to its feedback-worsened warming, as it produces white ice, which increases the albedo of the ocean near the poles and helps fighting global warming by reflecting back to space the solar radiation.

As a matter of fact, polar regions are of a particular interest, because they could be the place of unfavourable phenomena’s characterised by a positive feedback effect like:
- reduction of the winter sea ice creation,
- ice sheet warming which in return would make it melt quicker, reduce the albedo and increase the sea warming, and thus increase local warming, melting more clear ice, replaced by dark sea water and continue the vicious circle... Bonnelle’s Polar updraft Chimneys can break this vicious circle!

Of course, highest efficiencies for electricity and ice production can be reached if there is a sharp temperature contrast between the sea water and the operating air. This contrast will be greater if this water gets in contact with high altitude air.

In his book: “Vent Artificiel: ‘Tall is beautiful’” Denis Bonnelle explains the way to do so and gives answers to this kind of questions.

Indeed Denis Bonnelle has designed solar chimney devices which could at the same time counteract some effects of global warming: producing ice, increasing albedo and prevent new CO2 emissions by providing a large part of mankind's energy needs with renewable energy production.
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