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New Scientific publication on other uses of solar updraft chimneys and other meteorological reactors

Short powerpoint presentation on other uses of solar updraft chimneys and other meteorological reactors

“Short powerpoint presentation on uses of meteorological reactors for Earth Radiation Management in order to fight global warming and to cool the Earth”

“Short PDF presentation on meteorological reactors uses for Earth Radiation Management in order to fight global warming and to cool the Earth”

“Short PDF presentation on uses of HEAT PIPE THERMOSYPHONS for Earth Radiation Management in order to fight global warming and to cool the Planet”

“Short powerpoint presentation on uses of HEAT PIPE THERMOSYPHONS for Earth Radiation Management in order to fight global warming and to cool the Planet”

“Short powerpoint presentation on uses of NOCTURNAL RADIATION COOLING for Earth Radiation Management in order to fight global warming and to cool the Earth”

“Short PDF presentation on uses of CLEAR SKY RADIATIVE COOLING for Earth Radiation Management in order to fight global warming and to cool the Planet”

“Short powerpoint presentation on possibilities to REDUCE CIRRUS CLOUD COVER for Earth Radiation Management in order to fight global warming and to cool the Earth”

“Short PDF presentation on Earth Radiation Management by MODIFYING CIRRUS CLOUDS in order to fight global warming and to cool the Planet”

“Short powerpoint presentation on Atmospheric Convection Management to cool the Earth by Artificial Tornados in order to fight global warming”

“Short PDF presentation on ways to Enhance Atmospheric Convection with artificial Vortices to cool the Earth and to fight global warming and to cool the Planet”

Clean Wind Energy Tower, Inc. Selects First Site in United States to Build Green Renewable Energy Downdraft Tower

ANNAPOLIS, Md., March 22, 2012 -- Clean Wind Energy Tower, Inc. (OTCBB: CWET - News), (the "Company"), announced today that the Company selected a site located in San Luis, Arizona, to pursue the construction of their innovative green renewable energy Downdraft Tower Facility. The Downdraft Tower has the capability of being operated with virtually no carbon footprint, fuel consumption, or residual waste. This technology will generate clean, cost effective and efficient electrical power without the damaging effects caused by using fossil or nuclear fuels, and other conventional power sources.

The San Luis location incorporates plans for two (2) Downdraft Towers and a component parts Assembly Plant. As designed, the Company anticipates that each Downdraft Tower could generate enough electricity to power up to 1,600,000 homes using the guidelines set forth in the California Statewide Residential Appliance Saturation Study, 2004. As an independent power producer of clean renewable energy, the Company will not be selling power directly to consumers but rather to the grid.

Ronald W. Pickett, President and Chief Executive Officer, stated, "San Luis is an ideal location for Clean Wind Energy to build our first alternative energy facility because this region of the southwest United States provides the proper weather profiles, proximity to the power grid, and other ingredients beneficial to the operation of a Downdraft Tower, and has been previously targeted as a prime region for alternative energy projects. I am enthusiastic about locating our Downdraft Tower in the United States because not only is this a breakthrough source of clean alternative energy, it will bring significant employment opportunities and economic stimulus to San Luis and a number of U.S. industries. We anticipate that during the Downdraft Tower's construction phase, 2,500 construction and transportation jobs and 1,000 manufacturing jobs will be created. Once placed in service, each Tower should generate 1,000 permanent jobs."

In early February 2012, Clean Wind Energy Tower, Inc. applied to the United States Department of the Interior for permission to lease a parcel of property located in San Luis, Arizona, suitable for the development and construction of our first Downdraft Tower. The Company also applied to the Bureau of Reclamation for a temporary use permit to enable access to the site to evaluate a variety of issues including zoning, performing a preliminary geological survey and a general site evaluation along with other environmental assessments.

After notification by the Bureau of Reclamation that Clean Wind Energy Inc. could proceed with the local zoning process and site evaluations, the Company applied to the City of San Luis, Planning and Zoning Commission for entitlement to build two (2) Downdraft Towers and a component parts Assembly Plant.

In furtherance of this process, a City of San Luis, Public Information Hearing has been scheduled for March 29th, 2012, and the City of San Luis, Planning and Zoning Commission has scheduled a hearing for April 10, 2012.

About Clean Wind Energy, Inc.

Clean Wind Energy, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Clean Wind Energy Tower, Inc., has designed and is preparing to develop, and construct large "Downdraft Towers" that use benevolent, non-toxic natural elements to generate electricity and clean water economically by integrating and synthesizing numerous proven as well as emerging technologies. The Company's core objective and focus is to become a provider of clean efficient green energy to the world communities at a reasonable cost without the destructive residuals of fossil fuel, and to help broker the chasm between both, while continuing to generate innovative technological solutions for today and tomorrow's electrical power needs. In addition to constructing Downdraft Towers in the United States and abroad, the Company intends to establish partnerships at home and abroad to propagate these systems and meet increasing global demand for clean water and electricity. Clean Wind has assembled a team of experienced business professionals, engineers and scientists with access to the breakthrough energy research upon which this technology is founded and the proven ability to bring the idea to market. Clean Wind Energy, Inc. has filed several patents that the Company believes will further enhance this potentially revolutionary technology. Clean Wind Energy, Inc. is based in Annapolis, MD, and is traded on the OTCBB under the symbol 'CWET'. For more information visit

Clean Wind Energy, Inc.
1997 Annapolis Exchange Parkway
Suite 300
Annapolis, Maryland 21401
Phone: 410-972-4713
Investor Relations
Jody Janson
Phone: (855) 848-6937


Comment from Denis Bonnelle about:
“Solar chimney project in Arizona: an energy budget basic check”

A paper, published in October 2011, in the review “Sun & Wind energy”,
provides useful information about the La Paz solar chimney project in Arizona.

Denis Bonnelle checks the basic figures which are mentioned by EnviroMission in this article:
• the delivered design power will be 200 MW
• the plant will get a 60 percent capacity factor
• hence, the annual delivered energy should be: 1 GWh/y
• …
Read more in this paper


The 3rd International Conference on Solar Updraft Tower Power will take place from 26 to 28 October, 2012 at Huazhong University of Science and Technology, in Wuhan, China.
The homepage of the 3rd International Conference on Solar Updraft Tower Power Technology 2012 (SUTPT 2012) is available at .

The 200 kW solar chimney power plant collector area is 6.170 m2, the hang tower height is 53 m, the hang tower diameter is 18 m, the shelter room area is 251 m2. The greenhouse collector shelf arrangement is oval-shaped.

Download the PDF scientific publication of 0.3 Mo describing this SCPP prototype 2010 Solar hot air-flows power generation and its application in Wuhai Inner Montgolia
Article found in

Bay Area in Wuhai Jinsha Inner Mongolia built a 200 kW solar hot experimental demonstration power plant.
Wuhaijinsha Bay for the construction of solar chimney power plant has unique advantages:
(1) sufficient energy sunlight for a long time.
(2) resource-rich desert, the sand may help to solve the heat storage medium.
(3) construction methods and building materials can be obtained locally, just glass building materials, cement and steel.
(4) geographical location and convenient transportation.
(5) has unique climatic conditions, is a temperate continental arid climate, dry and windy throughout the year, helping improve the air flow speed.
Therefore, Wuhai Jinsha Bay voted for the construction of desert air solar power stations.
Currently Wuhai Jinsha Bay Area voted to build a 200 kW solar chimney power station demonstration technology.

The project planning capacity of 27.5 MW, accounting for a total of desert 2.780.000 m2, a total investment of 1.38 billion Yuan.

Work will be done in three phases:
the first phase of the project in May 2009 - December 2010 year in building 200 kW demonstration solar chimney power generation, accounting for desert area 40.000 m2, investment of 1 000 million;
the second phase of the project in February 2011 - December 2011, building 2.2 MW solar chimney power plant system, accounting for desert area 220.000 m2 investment 110 million yuan;
the third phase of the project in January 2012 - December 2013, construction of 25.1 MW solar chimney power plant system, accounting for desert area of 2.510.000 m2, investment 1.26 billion Yuan.


The CD-ROM of the Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Solar Chimney Power Technology, held on Bochum – Germany, 28-30 september 2010 is available for the price of 40.00 €.

Please send an email to or to


SCPT 2010 CD-Rom Table of Contents

Realization and Financial Aspects
Joerg Schlaich page 3
Concept and motivation of solar updraft power technology

Sascha Samadi, Peter Viebahn, Manfred Fischedick page 19
Solar updraft technology and its potential derived from global energy scenarios

Denis Bonnelle page 27
An Economically Realistic Growth Path towards Kilometric Chimneys

Hermann Bottenbruch, Wilfried B. Krätzig page 35
Optimum design concept for solar power plants

Johannes Pretorius, Detlev Kröger page 45
Basic theory and numerical simulation of large-scale solar updraft power plants

Wolfgang Breuer, Anselm Hüwe page 55
Solar chimney power plants – An economist’s point of view

Rudolf Bergermann, Gerhard Weinrebe page 63
Realization and Costs of Solar Updraft Towers

Hermann Bottenbruch page 69
Prosperity for all in 100 years through the Solar Chimney Power Plant

Oswald Petersen page 81
Stepwise construction and financing of SCPPs with light-weight steel towers

Alternative Energy Concepts
Piotr D. Moncarz, Bohdan M. Zakiewicz 89
Electricity Generation using the Hot Dry Rock Concept

Gerd Dibowski 95
How Cost-Effective are Solar-Thermal Power Plants?

Henner Gladen, Lars Schnatbaum-Laumann 103
The Andasol Parabolic Trough Power Plants

Friedhelm Henseler 111
Is nuclear power a bridging technology for Europe?

Structural Aspects
Jürgen Strauß 117
Optimised erection technology of giga towers

Wilfried B. Krätzig, Gerhart I. Schuéller 125
Safety, reliability and durability concepts for the design of structural solar updraft power components

Ludger Lohaus, Yared A. Abebe 135
Concrete Concepts for Solar Chimneys

Reinhard Harte, Martin Graffmann, Ralf Wörmann 145
Progress in the structural design of solar chimneys

Claudio Borri, Francesca Lupi, Enzo Marino 155
Optimum shell design of solar updraft towers

Oswald Petersen 163
The light steel tower in the SCPP

Matthias Andres, Reinhard Harte, Kirsten Stopp 173
Soil-structure-interaction on large concrete shells

Manfred Helmus, Nicole Warkus, Michael Lorek 181
Solar Chimney in Southern Africa

Construction Materials and Construction Method
Tobias Pfister, Mark Alexander Ahrens, Dieter Lehnen, Peter Mark 189
Lifetime management and design aspects of large shell structures – experiences
from cooling towers and perspectives for solar chimneys

Christian Lang, Felix Altmeyer, Joachim Weigl 197
Earthquake Behavior of Large Hyperbolical Shells –
From Natural Draft Cooling Towers to Solar Power Plant Chimneys

Wind Exposure
Hans-Jürgen Niemann, Norbert Hölscher, Wolfgang Hubert 207
Static, quasi-static and resonant Wind Effects on Solar Towers

Xinping Zhou, Fang Wang 213
Pressure distribution on solar thermal power plant chimney
in a thunderstorm downburst

Norbert Hölscher, Rüdiger Höffer, Hans-Jürgen Niemann, Markus Tschersich 223
Aerodynamic basics of wind loading patterns at the collector glass roof

Henk van Koten, Joerg Sahlmen 231
Wind-caused vibrations of solar chimneys

Thermodynamics and Machinery
Theo W. von Backström, Thomas Peter Fluri 239
Solar chimney turbine layout and design considerations

Marco Aurélio dos Santos Bernardes 247
Thermal Semiconductors as Power Control Strategy for Solar Chimney Power Plants

Salah Larbi, Amor Bourdjar, Toufik Chergui 257
Contribution to the thermo-fluid aspect analysis in solar chimney power plants

Michael Kuhn, Theo W. von Backström and Thomas Peter Fluri 267
The influence of tip clearance effects on the performance of solar chimney turbines

Christos D. Papageorgiou, Michael Psalidas, Petros Katopodis 275
Solar chimney technology without solar collectors

Reccab M. Ochieng and Frederick N. Onyango 283
The Effect of Collector Temperatures on Power Output of Solar Updraft Plants

Glass Collector
Jürgen Kuck, Claudia Ziller, Lars Schnatbaum-Laumann, Henner Gladen 293
Methodical approach to design the solar collector of a solar chimney power plant

Jens Schneider, Natascha Grammou, Jonas Kleuderlein 301
Optimization of the structural capacity and thermal behavior of a SCPP glass roof

Renaud de Richter, Sylvain Caillol page 311
Can airflow and radiation under the collector glass contribute to SCPPs’ profitability?

Volker Wittwer, Lothar Herlitze, Hansjörg Weis 319
High-transparent glass panes with multifunctional coatings

Rüdiger Höffer, Cornelia Wevers, Volkmar Görnandt 325
Transport and deposition of dust on the collector surface

Green Tower
André Thomashausen 339
GreenTower in world politics – How it solves shortages in power, fuel, food and water and reduces conflict potentials

Wolf-Walter Stinnes 345
Humus as the backbone of GreenTower revenues – Green revolution in agriculture,
soil rehabilitation, forestry, desert cultivation and CO2 sequestration

Markus Hummel 355
Can power from updraft and GreenTowers already compete against Conventional technologies? A profitability and risk analysis

Wolfgang Ademes 361
Greentower with energy storage – Optimum base and peak load power station

Authors page 369
Cover page of SCPT 2010 Proceedings, Ruhr University Bochum 28-30 september 2010
Cover page of SCPT 2010 Proceedings, Ruhr University Bochum 28-30 september 2010

A new book of which 7 chapters out of 21 deal with solar chimneys or variants of the same concept has been published in 2010 at Ellipses editor, title: "21 unusual renewable energies for the 21st century" (in French “21 énergies renouvelables insolites pour le 21ème siècle”, "21 Ungewöhnliche Erneuerbaren Energien für das 21. Jahrhundert"; "21 Energías renovables INSÓLITAS para el sieglo 21",), authors Denis Bonnelle and Renaud de Richter. 17.10€ on Amazon or on other online bookshops.

ISBN-10: 9782729854072
ISBN-13: 978-2729854072
ASIN: 272985407X

Book cover
Meteorological Reactors