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Book of Denis BONNELLE (in french) : ’Vent Artificiel « tall is beautifull »’, 2003, Cosmogone Edition (Lyon, France)

This book inspired this website!

It describes the different types of solar chimneys, including two new ones invented by Mr. Bonnelle: Polar updraft towers and Equatorial updraft towers both enhancing respectively the latent heat of freezing and the latent heat of vaporization. This book explains very clearly the strengths, weaknesses and limitations of meteorological reactors.

It is this book that inspired the creation of this website!

Book from Jörg Schlaich (in English) : « The solar chimney : electricity from the sun », 1995, Editions Axel Menges.
Jörg Schlaich is the architect who build the Manzanares prototype of Solar Chimney is Spain in 1982, and then tested it untill 1989 to understand it's working principle and measure it's performance.
Mr. Schlaich owns the solar chimney patents and is the promoter of the construction projects currently underway in Australia (Enviromission) and Spain (Campo3).

Book from Jörg Schlaich (in German) : « Das Aufwindkraftwerk" Stuttgart 1994: Deutsche Verlags-Anstalt. that's the first book about solar chimneys written by Mr. Schlaich

The Solar Updraft Tower: An affordable & inexhaustible global source of electricity
Compact disc CD-ROM from Schlaich
/ Bergermann / Schiel / Weinrebe, in several languages for PC and Mac.
Aufwindkraftwerke zur solaren Stromerzeugung: Global, erschwinglich, unerschöpflich
Jörg Schlaich 2004, CD-ROM

The needs of humanity in renewable energy can not be met solely with wind energy and photovoltaics, which are too intermittent. We must develop solar chimneys in deserts to harness solar energy and heat to create artificial wind in order to generate electricity with turbines both day and night through heat storage which is possible.

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Meteorological Reactors